Our Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement:
We aim to give your child an excellent all-round education with an enthusiasm and zest that will make their school days the best they can possibly be. Our broad and balanced curriculum aims to enrich personal formation and nurture enquiring minds. It promotes knowledge, understanding, skills and values in the context of spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and social development. The school will endeavour to be an integral part of the local community and will forge links with individuals and groups.

Our Values:

St Joseph's School is  a place where our children feel safe, where children aspire to do their best and where they learn to respect each other through the Gospel values and virtues.

Humility - seeing life as a gift

Compassion - empathy

Kindness - gentleness

Justice- working for a fairer world

Forgiveness - reconciliation

Integrity - do what you say

Peace - committed to peace making, non violence

Courage - standing up for the truth



1 John 4:8