Mental Health Ambassadors

Our Mental Health Ambassadors


At St Joseph's Primary School we take the mental health of our pupils and the whole school community very seriously. In collaboration with Early Help for Mental Health we are introducing the Mental Health Ambassador Programme.

Our Aims: For the Mental Health Ambassadors to help develop a mentally healthier school environment.


Training: Selected pupils attended workshops held at various schools around the area. These sessions focussed on:

• The Mental Health Ambassador Programme

• Understanding Mental Health

• Understanding ways to help ourselves


The pupils who became an MHA received a badge to wear in school so they can be identified by other children.


Impact: Children at St Joseph’s will be more aware of mental health and ways in which they can help themselves and others to promote a positive mental health.



MHAs have suggested ways that they would like to promote the mental health across the school:

  • Helping to think about how we as a school promote good mental health
  • Assemblies that look at mental health
  • Create our own 10 a day   Make posters that go up around the school to show where people are looking after their mental health.
  • Staff and children sports events.



Watch out for more information as we really get the word out about Mental Health.