At St Joseph’s, our children will deepen their understanding and respect for world and cultural differences.  We are committed to developing a love of languages to encourage curiosity in the wider world.  Using immersive impact experiences, pupils will embed the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in another language.  This learning will be applied in different contexts therefore enabling them to build a greater understanding of the language structures, patterns and sounds.  Children’s knowledge of how language works will be developed to lay foundations for the future.

"Finally , a big thank you for all your work on languages. When we teach our Year 7 classes, we can see the solid foundations you have built, and it is wonderful to see our students using languages with confidence and beautiful accents! "
KS3 Language Coordinator, ECC.
As a school we follow the Language Angels scheme of work.
Cultural Awareness Day 2023
A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to the parents who gave up their time to come into school to speak to the children –they were all brilliant! One of our Governors came into the Y5/6 class and said the following...
“I really enjoyed coming in to talk to the children about growing up in a different country and culture. I know that other parents also came in and shared their different experiences too. What a brilliant opportunity to help welcome children from other backgrounds to the school but also enrich everyone's understanding of different cultures.”