A new National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014 which has higher expectations of children’s achievements.

  • The existing system of assessment levels has been removed.
  • The Government have left it to schools to design their own assessment framework. St Joseph's has worked with other local schools and we are now assessing pupils directly against expectations for each year group, taken from the National Curriculum.
Please see the Pupil Outcomes and results page for our performance data

Assessing the New National Curriculum  Steps

The teaching staff have been working hard to develop the new assessment system.  Children will now be assessed as working at At Age Related (ARE), Greater Depth Standard (GDS), Below or Well Below.

The majority of our children will be working towards the expectations for their year group. However, a small number of children will need to consolidate learning from a previous year group so will be assessed against a different year group’s objectives. This is also true of pupils achieving significantly above expectations for their year group.

Looking at Children's Books:

When looking at your child's books you may notice:

  • Some pieces of writing are on blue paper. The writing on blue paper is the piece of work your child did at the beginning of a new unit of work. The teachers use this to see what to teach your child over the coming weeks.
  • Some pieces of work are on yellow pieces of paper. This is the piece of writing your child completed at the end of the unit. Try comparing the blue piece and the yellow piece. You should be able to see how well they have improved.
  • When the teacher marks the written work, they often include a WISH (w) This encourages your child to add something else ... to make it even better.
  • When the teacher marks, they will always try to include something your child could do next time. Even the most brilliant piece of work could have something else added.
  • Sometimes your child has written in red pen. This is where they have edited their work and they have made improvements.
  • Often children will be asked to highlight particular writing skills. At other times they may have underlined in coloured pen. This shows that they have really focused on a particular skill.