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Spring Term 2024

Happy New Year!


Welcome to the Spring Term of 2024


The children have already settled back into the routine of the school day after the holidays. We are very proud of how they come in everyday with such positive learning attitudes.


This term we welcome new children and their families into both Oak and Acorn class. We hope you will settle in quickly and soon feel part of our Foundation Stage at St Joseph’s.

Key Stage 2 had taiko drumming workshops. They performed to us at the end of the day. It was loud but great to watch and listen to.
We have be exploring paint through finger painting, the children had paints to mix colours and then used them to create pictures with. We spoke about the colours they chose to use and how they were using them, we discussed together If their paintings are abstract or figurative.

We have had fun exploring ice this week.
We've had plain ice, glittered ice, ice with bugs in, coloured ice where we painted and mixed the colours and finally small cups of ice (ice cubes)

" The ice is cold."
" It's freezing."
" How do we get it out of the containers?" "Let's bash it out " " I'm going to warm the container."
" My hands have gone red - they are freezing cold."
" It's melting."
" We've got water - where has the water come from ? The ice has melted."
“ red, yellow and blue ice mixed together makes brown”

We also found lots of ice outside. We enjoyed smashing it up and crunching it with out feet.

Finally we looked at how some of the grass was frosty and how some had melted - The children noticed it was where the sun had been that had melted the frost. - Great observations.

It was very exciting to see the hailstones downpour last week!
Take a look at our new equipment and resources for outside!
A new mud kitchen
A stage area
A climbing frame
A writing table.
There is still more to arrive and we hope with the better weather that we will be able to set up some great outdoor learning.
Today some students from the deaf academy came in to teach us some animal signs.
We learnt some pets, farm animals and jungle animals. See which signs your child can remember. We will continue to practise these during this week. The children were very respectful of our visitors and joined in with enthusiasm.
In Acorn Class we have enjoyed creating Easter pictures alongside each other. There was a great conversation between them about counts and shapes. The children were telling each other what he were going to make and how they were going to do it.
Keep an eye out on Tapestry for our weekly learning uploads.
These memos will provide you with an overview of all the learning we have planned for that week.