School Dinner Menu

Please see below for our dinner menus.
Lunches must be ordered on ParentPay by 8am on the day required.
Reception, year 1 and year 2 children receive free school meals. 
Children in Reception and Yr 1 and 2 also receive a free fruit snack each day.
Some Yr 3-6 children are entitled to receive free school meals and fruit. This is based on parental income and decided by the government. It is called being in receipt of Pupil Premium.
Please see the office for more information.
At St Joseph's we promote a healthy lifestyle.
If you are sending your child in with a snack it must be fruit.
Packed lunches should consist of healthy foods with only one chocolate or crisp treat.
Every child should have a fresh bottle of water with them each day. We encourage the children to access this throughout the day and we provide water stations around school so they can top up their water bottles whenever necessary.