Extra-Curricular Activities

For information on our After School Club please see our Breakfast and After School club tab.

After school activities: 

At St Joseph's we are pleased to offer a range of after school activities to compliment our wide and varied curriculum. We feel it is vital to offer children the opportunity to try as many different activities as possible during their time at St Joseph's.


We run a free lunch club everyday. This is run by a teacher or teaching assistant which children can attend as they when they wish. They do not need to book they just go to the club at lunchtime. It is a quiet time where the children can chat, draw, do puzzles or play with lego etc if they don't feel like playing outdoors that day.


At St Joseph's we run a variety of clubs.  So far this year we have run the following clubs: Science club, Spanish Club, Yoga, Hi-Five Netball, Cricket Club, Guitar Club, Knitting Club, Running Club and Soccer club.


All children learn music at school, taught by our specialist music teachers Fay Nelmes and Stephanie Hawker. We also offer private music lessons during the school day and lunchtimes. We currently have violin, guitar and cello lessons running but more can be made available according to interest.