Class 2/ Sycamore

Hello Sycamore Class,
It has been wonderful to see some of the books that you created as part of the Home Learning last week.
I am so proud of you for everything that you are achieving in this difficult time.
I have created some more activities for you this week. Again, remember only do what you can.
I am still missing you all lots so please continue to send anything in that you are doing at home. It does make me smile!
Take care and keep smiling those wonderful smiles that we have in Sycamore Class.
Miss Rowe
Laudato Si Week
Back in September, we started the new academic year with the whole school topic, 'Our Common Home' based on the letter from Pope Francis to all of us. In his letter, he outlined how we need to take care of the world and how it is all of our responsibility. We had a great time with workshops, trips and projects which helped us to think about how we can make a change and look after the environment more carefully. On Saturday 16th May we see the start of 'Laudato Si Week'. This runs until Sunday 24th May. This year marks five years since Pope Francis wrote this letter.
It is still as important today, to keep finding ways to look after our world and change our behaviours to protect it. 
This week, I have attached some ideas from Cafod with activities based around this. Below is a link to the website for more activities.