Class 2 / Sycamore

Hello Sycamore Class,
I hope you all had a wonderful half-term. The weather has been amazing!
Due to some changes from the Government, from this week, we will be welcoming back Year 6 as well as our Key Worker Children who have been in all the way through the whole school closure. We hope to see Sycamore Class back soon but we will have to wait and see. I am really looking forward to seeing you all.
With all teaching staff returning to full-time teaching, we are changing the way that we set Home Learning. It will now be on the website (and emailed to you on a Monday) every two weeks. On each set of Home Learning, there will now be 6 English sessions, 6 Maths Sessions and 6 Topic sessions as well as two sets of spellings and suggested reading activities. As always, you can always send in anything that you have been doing to so that I can see.
I hope you enjoy the suggestions for this week. It is the same as before half-term, please only complete what you can and you do not need to print any of the resources, you can just copy them onto plain paper.
Take care,
Miss Rowe