St George's Day Liturgy

 Fr Philip joined Foundation and Key Stage 1 for their St George's Day liturgy. We found out about St George and thought about how brave he was to save a village from a dragon!

'St George' showed us all how to sort a dragon with a sword! Fr Philip talked to us about the story and linked the story to Jesus at Easter - and how Jesus was also brave to stand up for what he believed.

We know that the legend of 'George and the Dragon' is not real but helps us to understand that sometimes we need to be brave.The dragon in the story represents things that scare us or that make us worry. We don’t have dragons in our lives, but we do have things that really scare us or really worry us. Just like the dragon that scared the villagers in the story of St George and the dragon.

St George was very brave and overcame the dragon. We thought about the times that we need to be brave – to overcome the things that scare us.

we said a prayer:

   Loving Jesus, when we feel scared give us courage;                                                                    

When we feel alone help us to remember that you are always there.


 'St George' took a red rose to each class in the school.  - They were all very surprised to see him dressed-up and were glad he had not brought the dragon with him!