Spring Term 2nd half

It is strange to think we are half way through the school year already! 
The children have returned to school and everyone seems to have had a great half term. 
Below are some of the Oak children's drawings and explainations of their holidays.
What a busy first week back!
The children had a wonderful surprise today with a visit from Exmouth's White Watch. The firefighters came into the classroom first with lots of equipment and their uniforms. They challenged Mrs Arthur and Mrs Keeping to dress up in full fire fighting attire as fast as they could. We then all went to have a look at the fire engine and the children each had an opportunity to use the fire hose. The children were asked to remind you to check your smoke alarms at home and to test them by pressing the button. (If anyone doesn't have a smoke alarm then you can get one for free by calling the number on the card in the picture.)
We had a wonderful day visiting the Lifeboat station today in the sunshine. We found out about the two boats kept at the station and the special clothes worn by the crew. We were also reminded about keeping ourselves safe near water - maybe your child could tell you about something that they learnt today? Would you like to see the lifeboats in action? They told us that both lifeboats are launched every other Wednesday at 6:15. They said they are due to launch it on the 6th March. After lots of listening and learning in the lifeboat station, we were ready for our picnic lunch on the Maer and a well deserved play in the park. Well done children for making it such a fun day for everyone - all the grown-ups were very proud of you. Thank you to all the parents who were able to help us make our trip possible today.

Spring is here and the daffodils are blooming!  
During Explore and Learn the children did observational drawings of daffodils using oil pastel crayons. They looked closely at the daffodils, looking at parts of the flower and what colours and shapes they could see. Have a look at our fabulous drawings.
During class time the children have focused on patterns, by recognising a repeating pattern or creating a pattern of their own. XXXX did this with the colour cogs and selected pink, red and blue and said the word out loud as he threaded. He had a little support just to check he'd got them in order. Well done.
Holy Week:
We story mapped the Holy Week story - See below. The children then all did amazing writing about Holy Week. We waved our palm leaves at Jesus as he rode on the Donkey into Jerusalem.
"Hosanna, Hosanna, Jesus is our king."

End of the Spring Term -

The children have all worked really hard this term and have all made good progress. (Thank you grown up’s for your support) Because of this we want the children to have a really nice relaxing break over the Easter holidays. We hope you have a lovely and safe holiday – don’t eat too many chocolate eggs!!!!

We return to school on Tuesday 24th April. During the first week we will be planting our Easter garden. You should have received a letter about bringing an outdoor flowering plant to school. (A copy is on Tapestry)

from all the Foundation Staff!