Spring Term 1st half

Happy New Year!

Welcome to thSpring Term of 2020.


The children have already settled back into the routine of the school day after the holidays. We are very proud of how they come in everyday with such positive learning attitudes.

This term we welcome six new children and their families into our Foundation stage unit.

Ei  Ei  dough.....
Our new topic has begun with the story of The Little Red Hen. The children have enjoyed learning the story and creating a story map too.
The children were tasked with setting up a bakery role play in the hub area.
As a group we discussed what we might need then looked at and named the equipment we might use when baking, such as – baking tray, cooling rack, rolling pin, recipe book, oven and oven gloves. We also sorted the play food as we didn't need all types of food, only those suitable for a bakery.
Together, the children set up a till area, complete with a telephone table. 
We then got the dressing up clothes out and some dough. The children were then allowed to explore and take on different roles in the bakery.
During Explore and Learn this week one of the activities is to make a character from the Little Red Hen that are going to be displayed.
We first talked about who the character animals are in the story, then the children chose which animal they wanted to draw. They practised their cutting skills but cutting the animal out and then had to select what materials they wanted to use to add detail. Look at out fabulous animal on display in the hub.            
2020 is the year of the rat. We have looked at videos and PowerPoints about Chinese New Year and the fact that the Chinese have different animals each year. During Explore and learn and class times the children have had the opportunity: To explore using chopsticks / tweezers. To eat noodles, rice and crackers with chopsticks. To have a go at writing in Chinese. To create different Chinese crafts for example lanterns and dragon masks. To use the iPad for ordering numbers.
Today, Tuesday, 11 February 2020, we celebrate Safer Internet Day (SID) We have been talking about technology and life online. Today we read the story of Smartie the Penguin, who was given a new tablet for his birthday, and needed help with lots of different things. We also learnt the song that Smartie’s parents teach him. To hear this story, visit Childnet.com/resources/smartie-the-penguin. Please share the story with your child again and talk about the story together.