Spring term 1

3.2.2020 - 7.2.2020
This week the children have started to publish our class book about animals. We look forward to sharing it with you soon! 
The children have started to look at fractions in maths with a focus on representation.
During RE the children have been reflecting on transfiguration. We have created some beautiful art work with pastels to represent the story. 
We have started a science experiment investigating the effects different liquids have on teeth (eggs). We are very excited to analyse it over next week to see how it is changing.
27.01.2020 - 31.01.20
Another busy week for Willow class! 
This week the children have been analysing and recording data in a range of ways. 
The children have began to researching and planning their ideas for our class book about animals.
Don't forget Willow class parent activity session is on Tuesday 4th at 2.15pm.
13.01.20 - 17.01.20
We have had a busy and exciting week this week. On Tuesday we had a special visit from a Roman Centurion. It was a fantastic day, full of learning which was enjoyed by all. In English this week we have been writing our own poems in the style of 'How to be a pirate' by David Harmer. In Maths the children have been refreshing their understanding of place value.  
06.01.20 - 10.01.20
The children have had a busy first week back.
We have made Roman shields in preparation for our Roman day on Tuesday 14th January. 
We have also been learning about the history of Roman numerals in maths. 
In English this week we have read the poem 'How to be a pirate' and had great fun getting into role. 
20.01.20 - 24.01.20
In English this week the children have been reading a non-fiction text about penguins. We have been discussing the features and purposes of a non-fiction text. 
In maths this week we have revisited addition and subtraction.
The children have been learning how their digestive system works.
On Thursday the children enjoyed a theatre production called 'Space cats'.
10.2.2020 - 14.2.2020
Each day the children have been observing and analysing the impacts different  liquids have on our teeth (eggs). We made some exciting discoveries and reflected on the importance of brushing our teeth regularly. 
In English the children created their own information page about Romans. We have continued to learn about fractions in maths. 
On Tuesday it was safer internet day. We discussed a range of scenarios and came up with ideas to keep safe and the importance of showing kindness online. We created an internet web showing how our ideas and interests are all linked online. The main focus of the activity was to highlight the importance of inclusion and kindness. 
Have a lovely half term break.