Sports Day timetable

Scheduled for Friday 1st July, I have planned to change the format for the day this year. For the first time, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 will have different events and the children will be grouped in their coloured houses not in their class groups. The day will look like this :

10 am—12 lunchtime : Key Stage 2 sports day will take place on the school field and playground. Each teacher will be captaining a coloured team who will take part in a variety of sporting events as in previous years. You will be able to follow your team around and watch the children enjoy the activities—no more having to choose between siblings because they’re at different ends of the field!  At approximately 11.30 the four teams will come back to the field for the flat races where they will compete against children of the same age group.

12.15 pm– 1.15pm : Picnic lunch. Bring a picnic and eat with your children on the field, hopefully in the sunshine! (Usual provision for children having school dinners).

1.30—3.30pm : Key Stage 1 sports day will take place on the school field and playground. Following the same format as the morning, the children will enjoy a variety of events in their coloured house teams  before coming back together on the field at approximately 3pm for some flat races.

Hopefully we will be able to squeeze in Mums and Dads races at both events too.