PE@St Jo's - School Year 2019/2020

PE Kit 2019/2020
The children are looking fantastic and working hard in PE lessons in our new PE green logo tops.
They also have looked like a real team at the local school competitions we have entered.
The Gymnastic Competition
The children in the gym sqaud had prepared a routine for the competition.
They were judged by ECC Sports Leaders who were - Gymnasts.They were also judged on a vault.
In the rotation of activities they tried out partner balances, supported by the ECC gymnasts.
Their enjoyment and success at the balances inspired them to share thier skills with their classes in our PE lessons. Check out their skills!!! 
Sports Competitions and Festivals so far this year.........
The weather was really against us in the Autumn term and then the Spring term. It meant that many events we entered were postponed and then postponed again and then cancelled. It is disaapointing for the children and for me. 
But we did mange to compete at the following events:
The first Cyclocross event- cross country style race on bikes at Bicton arena on the 8th October
Year 5 Hi 5 Netball Festival at ECC on the 11th Novemeber
The Gymnastic Competition at Marppol Primary on 6th March 
Year 3&4 Hi 5 Netball Competition which became an indoor  "Endwall Competition"  on 9th March 
Sadly due to weather and Corvid 19 many events were cancelled and that was a difficult situation for all teams but especially for our Year 6 Tag Rugby teams who were trained and ready!!!! I have already had contact with the School Sports Co-ordinator and more events are being planned. So keep practising your ball skils and keep your fitness up (PE with Joe!!! each day would help this) and then when we are back in school, the St Jo's teams will be ready to make us proud again.