PE@ Home 2021

Here we go again! I expect you know what Mrs Turner will be saying to you over the next few weeks???
You need to move and be active as much as you can each day. Not only will this strenghten your growing bones, muscles and heart but it will give you some happy feelings and you'll feel good about yourself and your whole learning.
You know this as this happens everyweek in our PE lessons in school.
See the chart below for some ideas to get started with moving every day..
And if none for these are possible - put on some music and dance!! One of my favourite tracks in our - Kitchen Disco is - Sister Sledge " We are family!".We are still our special St Jo's family and although we are not all physically togther for a while we can unite in movement.
Do send me your photos of the fun you are having at your kitchen discos or out for a walk, ride or skate.
Email me on
Let me know in the email if I  can share your picture with our St Jo's family and beyond.
Whatever you choose to do, does not matter, as long as you move and you feel your heart rate increase.
Just to get you started some home PE ideas in this document. Joe Wicks starts his new 20 minutes only, PE with Joe on Monday 11th January at 9am. Joe will then have live sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9am on his youtube channel. 

Come on - my St Jo's PE team!!!

We need to be doing 60 active minutes a day! Can you try this for me next week?

‘60 active minutes a day’ message recommended by the Chief Medical Officer …. it's challenging at the present time, but never more important than now.  

The activities don’t have to follow rigid weekly plans or be from a digital or online platform and can be as simple as: 

  • a brisk walk 
  • a cycle ride on a safe route 
  • bouncing on a trampoline 
  • throwing a ball against a wall  
  • learning some skipping skills  (a great way to engage and take part in the new Devon Spring Virtual Games Skipping Challenges

It is important for children to keep discovering ways to develop their physical skills, improve balance and coordination as well as maintaining essential heart health and finding fun and enjoyment in being physically active.


Let me know how you get on by sending a picture or a sentance about how active you've been to me,  in an email




PE to watch and do!
The lovely Mrs Mason, who ran the Mini Sports Imapct Day and the taught us fantastic playgroung games, is back with more PE fun!!!
Mrs Mason has shared some AGILITY activities for you to try at home. We use agility activities to warm up in our invasion game lessons. (Hi 5 Netball, Football, Tag Rugby & Quicksticks Hockey). But WHY?
Because the ability to change direction, move fast and react quickly are all skills that good games players need.
Enjoy this youtube lesson form Mrs Mason

Skipping Challenge: 

 We are very excited about the Spring term's #DevonVirtualGames and particularly the exciting opportunity for all the family to get involved in our skipping challenge.  

If children don’t have a skipping rope at home, don’t worry we want to offer a 'free ropes' incentive to join the challenge. 

 Please share the following link with parents. By clicking the link and responding they can receive a maximum of 2 free skipping ropes per family delivered direct to their door. 

 Skipping Challenge Rope Incentive Form 

 There will be a choice of a Gold, Silver or Bronze challenges that consist of different elements such as Single Bounce, Double Bounce, Run, Slalom skip and Speed Skipping.

Head over to our  #DevonVirtualGames Skipping Tutorials with Dan the Skipping Man to see more. He makes it simple and super easy to follow. 

The challenge opens on Monday 1st February when you will then receive an email with the full challenge details and how to record your results on our quick and easy Survey Monkey link. But parents and schools can access the ropes in advance and begin practicing as soon as they take delivery

The challenges can be completed at home or in school with staff and keyworker/vulnerable children.  Please share the following link with parents.

Virtual Festive Family Activity Challenge.

Challenge Re-Opens: 10am, Tuesday 5th January 2021.

Challenge Entry Form Closes: 10am, Monday 8th February 2021

HO, HO, HO! Active Devon and the Devon School Games Organisers are hosting a FREE Virtual Festive Family Activity Challenge. Taking part in this fun challenge is a great way to keep your family active, moving and motivated over the festive season.

The main challenge is made up of three separate challenges: the 7 Days Challenge; 14 Days Challenge or 21 Days Challenge. As a family you can choose which one you would like to do. Plus, which Certificate Award you would like to go for, either Bronze, Silver or Gold. Here’s some more information on the different challenges.

 Activity Challenge – Moving Minutes

See attached document below!