Our Joyful Pentecost Celebration

 We invited our parents to join us as we celebrated Pentecost
- the Church’s Birthday.
In the Gospel, we heard that Jesus gave the disciples the gift of his Holy Spirit to help them on their mission. Their mission was to spread the Good News of the wonders of God.
The Holy Spirit also gives us the help we need to be like Jesus and carry on his work. 

This week each Class prepared for our Pentecost Celebration.

Foundation, Class 1 and 2 prepared a dance.

Class 3 and 4 baked delicious Pentecost birthday cakes.

Class 5 and 6 wrote messages of Good News on bookmarks to be given to everyone at our celebration.

It truly was a joyful celebration as we listened to readings, prayed, sang, danced and ate Pentecost birthday cake together.


The Holy Spirit brings us together in love. We ask God to bless our work and play and to help us bring happiness to others by sharing the Good News.  Amen