Our Journey with the Kings

The Foundation have thought about the journey of the kings to see baby Jesus. We have made our own crowns and really enjoyed pretending to be kings.

On Friday we went on our journey to church. Many of us had packed bags and cases to carry the things we might need on our journey. - It was very exciting.

Fr Philip met us in the presbytery before we set off to follow the three kings on their journey around the church. All the children rose to the occasion and walked with great importance around the full church and looked very proud of their role.

During the service the children sang and watched with interest - they all behaved so well!

After mass we were given a drink before setting off explore the church. Fr Philip gave us the chance to ask questions and have a closer look at things we were curious about.

When we returned to school we had lots to talk about and enjoyed telling everyone about what was in our bags and cases.  - Changes of clothes, maps, compass, binoculars, torches, GPS, snacks, drinks and those all-important cuddly toys! 

We were all very proud of the children today. They 'travelled' safely and listened so well along the road.  Some children even kindly offered to help others with their ‘luggage’! They were polite and sensible in church - a real credit to St Joseph's School.