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Maple Class is taught by Mr Edmunds and Mrs Mulholland
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Star of the week = Frank
The quality of Franks work has been very high this week. He puts in tremendous effort to produce his best and is beginning to push himself to get to extension work. His writing is improving and his maths is not only accurate, but fluent and speedy too!
Well done !
Last week's Star of the week was: Thomas
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I hope you enjoy visiting and using the site. Listed below is information about what the class has been learning, challenges for the children and lots of interesting pictures and facts to look at and read! The web page is updated at least once a week, so keep revisiting for more!
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Life in the trenches
This week Maple class have been exploring what life was like in the trenches.
We have been looking at a range of photographs and listening to lots of different diary extracts to learn more about what life was like for the soldiers in WW1.
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 Close your eyes and imagine...
 The soldiers had to suffer cold, stagnant water in the trenches. They would often flood causing the soldier's feet to become infected and swell. We learned about how having a bad case of trench-foot might even mean you had to lose your leg!
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We even made our own trenches in the classroom in order to experience them for ourselves... We dimmed the lights, played a soundscape and made periscopes as part of our drama. Some of us even decided to go over the top!
Abide With Me
"Abide with me" is a hymn sung on Armistice Day to help us reflect and remember the people that have given their lives to help and protect others. It reminds us that God can give us comfort in times of trouble and war.