Maple class meet Fr Stephen

Maple class meet Fr Stephen
During their topic "The Wild West" Maple class (along with Mr Edmunds and Mr Pearcey) had a very special visitor. Fr Stephen, an adopted brother of the Lakota Tribe, came in to talk to us about the Lakota people. We all had fun listening to his incredible stories and knowledge all about life on the western plains. Fr Stephen told us about his adopted tribe and their church; about how they undergoing a very special project to develop a coffee and gift shop and a visitor centre to bring income and trade to the area.
We got to explore many special artefacts and even learnt some Lakota language. The children loved exploring the books and newspapers from the area as well as the smells of the sage and buffalo skin!
In the near future we hope to raise money ourselves for the Church Fr Stephen visits in America, we hope our donations can help the people of the Lakota tribe build a better future for their children! 
Below are some pictures of the class enjoying their experience... It really was fascinating and we thank Fr Stephen for coming in to speak to us all!
Fr Stephen's local church is St John in the Wilderness
You can click on the image of St John the baptist and Jesus below to explore the St John in the Wilderness Church website. St John in the Wilderness is one of three churches in the Parish of Withycombe Raleigh with Exmouth (Church of England),