Home learning

Home learning
For home learning during the partial school closure please go to the tab above which says Coronavirus information - Homelearning, then select the date and class.
Many thanks
A great thing to be practising at home is our handwriting.  Look to see how they are forming their letters.  Is there any in particular that need a bit more practise?  When teaching handwriting we group letters into families based on how they are formed.  Take a look at the image below. It might be that the curly caterpillar letters need more practise than the long ladder letters.  Send some photos of your beautiful handwriting to admin so we can see how you are getting on!
Baking at home
One lovely thing to do with the children during this period of isolation is some baking!  I have found a lovely website called Bakeful play which has a blog post all about baking in isolation!  Click on the image below to have a read.  There are also lots of other recipe ideas that are great to do with children!  If you do any baking, email us some photos at admin@stjo.uk.  We'd love to see what wonderful things are being created at home!
Have you begun finding out about the planets?  Can you name them?  Try clicking  on the picture below to watch a very catchy song about the planets in our Solar System.
If you follow the link below it will take you to a series of 5 mini video Maths lessons all about weight, capacity and volume provided by White Rose. There is a sheet to complement each one if you are able to download and print. Perhaps this will inspire you to do some measuring at home? Why not measure out some ingredients and make a cake? Or help with the washing up and explore how much water your containers hold whilst you’re doing it? Have fun! 
I'll add a list of words each week to simply practise reading.  These are from a resource called Early Reading.  Encourage the children to sound out the word and then blend it back together.  (Eg: th -i -ng = thing) If they get it wrong, model how it should sound.  If you're not sure, then simply move on.  Any reading practise, little and often, will make a huge difference.  This week it's words with the digraphs ck, th, er, ng, sh.
If you click on the images of the sound mats below they will take you to a video which will show you the correct pronunciation of each phoneme.
Game to try . . .
Try choosing 5 words they found a bit harder.  Write them on balloons.  Bash them around the living room and get the child to catch them in a sieve or colander.   Each time they catch the word they have to read it and spell it out.
Place a word that your child needs to practise reading on a piece of paper inside a cup.  Try to bounce a ball into the cup.  Each time the ball lands inside, ask your child to read the word.  Perhaps encourage them to spell it too!
Number resources
We often use bead strings at school to help us with our calculating.  We made our own at home today and used it to practise number bonds.  Perhaps you could find some string and make one of your own?  You could use macaroni if you don't have any beads.
Keep working on learning those pairs to 10 and pairs to 20.
There are also number lines here to 20 which can be used at home to aid when adding and subtracting.
PE at home
Joe Wicks is posting a live PE session for children every school day at 9am on his youtube channel.  I tried it yesterday and it really helps put you in a good mood to start the day!  Click on the image below to try it yourself.
In class we also use Andy's Wild Workouts which are on BBC Iplayer as a 10 minute Wake and Shake.  Have a go!
Home learning - How to structure my day!
There is lots of great games, ideas and advice from the 'Five Minute Mum' on her website.  She has also written a blog post about how to structure your day when home schooling in isolation. 
I will keep adding ideas when I see them!
Free Resources for Home Learning.
Currently Twinkl are providing some great free home resources.  Please click on the link below!

The children have a homework book which they can record some of their home learning in.  Homework is issued each Friday and should be returned to school by the following Wednesday which will allow time for the homework to be marked.


Reading books will be changed daily.  Please read little and often with your child whatever their reading ability. It really does make a huge difference to the children.  If you can only spare 5 minutes, or have time to read just one page, it all helps.