Home learning

Home learning
Friday - The children will have a reading book sent home each week.  Please try to read it more than once.
Friday - Each week there will be learning for you to try at home sent to you via Google Classroom.  Please remember to check it every week!
Writing our numbers
Click on the link below to watch the song we use in class to help us write our numbers correctly.
A great thing to be practising at home is our handwriting.  Look to see how they are forming their letters.  Is there any in particular that need a bit more practise?  When teaching handwriting we group letters into families based on how they are formed.  Take a look at the image below. It might be that the curly caterpillar letters need more practise than the long ladder letters.  
Learning those Tricky words. . .
Try choosing 5 words they found a bit harder.  Write them on balloons.  Bash them around the living room and get the child to catch them in a sieve or colander.   Each time they catch the word they have to read it and spell it out.
Place a word that your child needs to practise reading on a piece of paper inside a cup.  Try to bounce a ball into the cup.  Each time the ball lands inside, ask your child to read the word.  Perhaps encourage them to spell it too!
Keep practising your sounds.  Spread a few digraphs out on the carpet.  Say the sound and get your child to stamp on the one they think you have said.
Number resources
We often use bead strings at school to help us with our calculating.  We made our own at home today and used it to practise number bonds.  Perhaps you could find some string and make one of your own?  You could use macaroni if you don't have any beads.
Keep working on learning those pairs to 10 and pairs to 20.
There are also number lines here to 20 which can be used at home to aid when adding and subtracting.