Harvest Celebration

We gathered together to give thanks to God for all his gifts, especially the gifts of harvest-time. The food we have brought to school reminds us of how lucky we are. But we know that people around the world are hungry and even in our own town here in Exmouth people are short of food. The food we have gathered shall be used to support the Exmouth Community Larder.

 The Exmouth Larder is a store of non-perishable food to help individuals and families experiencing a food crisis, who have no food and no money to buy food.

 So, we remember that God has provided us with more than enough food, so that we are able to share with others too.

Loving God, help us to work together to build a brighter world, where each of us can become the best person we can be. We pray we may share generously all you have given us. Amen.