Foundation Stage - Oak and Acorn

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are all well. Thank you again for the lovely Tapestry update – It’s great to see what you’ve been up to and we are very lucky to have such lovely sunny weather to enjoy at home! 

Below and on Tapestry you will find many activities that you could do this week. We have planned activities that meet different objectives from across our Early Years Curriculum. This week they are around the topic of Gross and Fine Motor control / Phonics.

If you are only able to do one thing at home then please have ‘Story Time’ – set aside some story time each day to share a book together (that isn’t bedtime.) Don’t worry if you are reading the same book again and again due to a limited supply. Children thrive on repetition; can they anticipate which words are coming next? Encourage them to talk about the beginning middle and end, what is happening in the pictures, or make up a new ending and see if they notice!

We hope you have fun and enjoy some of the activities suggested.

Stay safe, take care and let us know what you’ve been up to.

Mrs Keeping, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Rush, Mrs Arthur, Miss White and Mrs Coleman.