Easter Garden Drama!

We had a very special Easter themed morning in school today. Many parents were able to join us in class to help us make our Easter arts and crafts - there were so many splendid Easter crowns! Lots of children had remembered to bring a flowering plant for our Easter garden too.
After spending some time in the classroom we were joined by Year One and we all went outside to look for a good place to plant our Easter Garden. While we were out there, we were all so surprised to meet Mary Magdalene (Mrs Taylor-Bashford) looking very upset by the empty tomb of Jesus. Mary was very worried and looking very sad because Jesus was no longer in the tomb where she had left him on Good Friday! Mary Magdalene asked us if we knew where Jesus had gone? Suddenly from behind us all there was a voice! We all turned and were amazed to see a man dressed all in white standing before us! – It was Jesus! (Mr Weston) He said "Mary don't be sad - I am here, I am alive! You must go and tell everyone the 'Good News'". - "Jesus is Alive" Our parents all left quickly to tell everyone at home or in town what they had seen and heard! - Everyone was so excited!
Mary Magdalene kindly came back to class with us, so that we could ask her about why she now looked relieved. Mary told us she was so surprised to see Jesus! As she left us she went to every class in the school to tell them what had just happened!
Mary asked us all to also tell everyone about what had happened and to spread the news that Jesus is Alive! We wore our Easter crowns home to help us remember to tell the good news about Jesus.
Thank you so much to all the parents who came along this morning to help us bring this joyful part of the Easter story to life for the children. A very special thank you to Mrs Taylor-Bashford and Mr Weston, for their convincing drama and wonderful costumes! We very much appreciated your confidence to carry out your roles so well in front of so many people - I’m sure the Easter message will spread far and wide this year.