Class 3/ Cherry

Hello everyone,

It has been lovely to speak to those children I could reach last week. Hope everyone is well and happy. For these two weeks we are continuing the theme of the natural world which builds on aspects of work we did in class last term. I have added in a music programme that has an exciting conclusion - working with the Bournemouth Symphony orchestra – I hope you all get to have a look and can access the workshops, they look like fun. Also catch up with NSPCC and Buddy in the ‘Speak out and Stay Safe’ assembly; he has lots of important information for you.

Please could you also try to do the TTRS assessment (session 6 maths below) if you are able? Thank you.

I hope you are all still enjoying your reading. There is quite a lot of reading material in the topic packs this week to help you with this. Mrs Briggs and I look forward to speaking to you all soon in a short video soon.

From Mrs Owens