Class 2/Sycamore

Dear Sycamore Class,
I am missing teaching you in person but it has been wonderful to see some of the work that you have been doing at home. It has really made me smile. There is also a TTRS Battle - Sycamore V.S Teachers. It is very close! It has been great to see your progress on here. It really is great for those multiplication and division facts. Keep going!
I hope you enjoyed the learning suggestions from last week. Below you will find some new ones for this week. Please remember, you do not need to complete all of the tasks but if you can do some of them, then great! Also, you do not need to print anything, you can always copy it onto paper.
This week, we have set a couple of tasks to the whole school so if you have a sibling, you will be able to work through these with them. There is a whole school Science Investigation on Pattern Seeking. Also, at the moment, we are finding ourselves in a period of history. In school, we learn about how daily life in the past changed in particular times and in the last few weeks our lives have changed. We would like you to create a Time Capsule so that we can look back on this time and so that others can learn what it was like. There is a document that you can work through which gives you some ideas of things to collect and think about. 
I hope you have fun with the activities this week. 
Take care,
Miss Rowe