Class 2 Sycamore

Hello Sycamore Class,
Well done on the TTRS Battle from last week, you did win against the Teachers! This week there is a Sycamore V.S Cherry Battle so please continue to play on there to help you with your times tables and earn points for your team at the same time!
I hope you have enjoyed the learning suggestions so far. This week, Friday is VE Day which marks the end of the Second World War in Europe. Some of the activities are based around this to help you find out a little bit more about it. There is also a whole school Science activity that you can also enjoy with your families. Please remember, only do what you can and there is no need to print anything you can do it on plain paper.
As a school, we have been visited by CAP UK before, who have carried out some workshops with us. I have attached a booklet which your grown-ups might like to share with you about how to keep yourselves safe.
It has been wonderful to see some of your work so far and please continue to send it in if you would like.
Take care and stay safe,
Miss Rowe