Class 1 / Rowan

Hello Rowan Class,
We hope you had a fantastic half term, safely enjoying the sunshine.
All the way through the school closure, key worker children have been welcome to attend. Government changes have meant that, from this week, Year 6 will be welcomed back to school too. We hope to see Rowan Class back soon, but for now we will keep your learning going by continuing to share new home-learning challenges. With staff returning to teaching smaller groups of children (named 'bubbles') on site, new home learning will be released every two weeks and will be made up of English, Maths and Other Subjects (6 lots of work for each) alongside Phonics, Reading and Handwriting/Spellings (My Year One Words). Please note: on this occasion, in place of Phonics, this set of home learning includes a spelling rules pack. Please keep emailing in to keep in touch and share what you get up to with us at It is always lovely to hear from you.
Take care and stay safe,
Mrs Boatman and Mrs Robertson.