Autumn Term 2022

Everyone should be feeling very proud of their children for such a great start to the new term. The children who were with us last year have been great at looking after the new children and showing them the routines and expectations.
The new children have been amazing and everyone feels very settled already!
There have been lots of new friendships developing and you can see from the photos that there has been a lot of smiley children exploring across our Foundation area.
Our first class assembly:
We discussed the topic of our families. The children came up with really lovely ideas of how families look after each other and how they keep each other safe. It also seemed appropriate to talk about the Royal family. The children listened and joined in very respectfully.
Look at our new fantastic play equipment! We had lots of fun trying it out this afternoon!
We went to Dart's Farm!
Oaks and Acorns started our adventure by catching the public bus from just around the corner.
When we got to Darts we had a snack before meeting Jack the farm manager. 
He showed us around the farm and told us a lot of information about the animals and vegetables that they have on the farm.
Finally we visited the pumpkin patch and had a play on the equipment before catching the bus back to Exmouth.
The children showed amazing St Joseph's behaviour and I'm sure they will sleep well tonight after a fabulous first hand experience.

Look at our fabulous drawings!

The children in Acorn and Oak class traditionally do a self portrait to display in class at the start of the Autumn term.

We have been focusing on 'This is me.' The children have been enjoying making self portraits, using loose parts to create people, colouring pages and making stick puppets.
Next week we will be looking at how we all have our own identity, own names and own family name etc.
The children have enjoyed baking apple cupcakes today. We looked closely at the properties of apples. We spoke about where apples come from; how they grow, what they look like, what colours they are and we took a close look at the seeds inside. These particular apples came from one of our Governors apple tree.
The children all enjoyed having a go at chopping up the apple, some of them said it was hard and tricky to cut others found it easy but said the apple was slippery.
Once we had cut up our apples it was time to measure out the other ingredients and mix it all together. The children were great helpers looking at the number on the scales telling me the numbers they saw and how they were going up each time we added more flour/sugar. When it was time to put the cakes in the oven we spoke about how we can be safe around the oven and how a grown up should put things in and out of the oven.