Autumn Term 2019

Welcome back!
This half term, we are continuing to look at 'Our Common Home' by finding out about our place in the universe. Our science theme is Earth and Space, which we have started by looking at some of the evidence to support the idea that our Earth is (roughly) spherical. Please watch the video below with your child and discuss it together!
We will also be slightly closer to home as we find out about some of the challenges our planet faces as a result of human activity. In particular, we will be writing non-fiction reports about an endangered animal and, after our workshop led by Devon Recycling, one about plastics in the ocean.
Lots of research has shown that good reading habits underpin academic progress. Reading unlocks opportunities and at St Joseph's we really believe that it is a life long skill worth developing! 
The children have all been set an individual target (number of points to earn) on Accelerated Reader. The deadline for meeting this target is towards the end of next week (5th December), so we are encouraging everyone to get reading!! 3 children have already met their target for this term - well done!
Following the deadline, the children will take another Star Reading Test which will be a measure of the progress made in reading this term - from it, a new points target will be set! 
How many of you will meet it?
Dates for this week
Wednesday 27 November - Governors' Day
Coming up ...
2nd December - PTA present wrapping
6th December - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Trip