Autumn Term 1 - Our Common Home

Welcome to the start of a new year in Year 1.  Please look at our topic web below to see what learning will be taking place this term!
In English we are learning how to write a set of instructions and we have linked this with our Topic, by exploring how we can reduce our carbon footprint. We had lots of interesting discussions about how we can make small changes to help look after our Common Home.  The children all agreed it is better for the environment to use the car less and to recycle, reuse and reduce plastic.  We also talked about saving electricity and the importance of using less paper and planting trees. I look forward to reading through the children's set of instructions soon. 
Science - Everyday Materials.
This week we have been identifying the properties of different materials and went on a hunt in our outdoor play area.  We were using scientific words such as: rough, smooth, dull, shiny, flexible and transparent.  We are also becoming really good at identifying objects made from metal, wood, paper, rock, plastic and glass.
Learning through play!
Play is still a big part of our day in Year 1.  The children are adjusting well to the more structured approach of learning in Rowan class.  However we always make time in our day for play.  The children gain lots in planning and developing their own play opportunities.  Today some children wanted to paint the fence, others were building, inventing balancing games, counting and some were creating masterpieces!  
Writing our Numbers!
We have been practicing forming our numbers correctly.  Watch the song below to remember the correct way to write each number.
BIG Questions
This week we have been reflecting on the Creation story and asking BIG questions.  Questions that aren't easy to answer.  The children were very reflective.  Have a look below at what they asked.
Place Value
This week we have been learning about the value of digits in two digit numbers.  We have been partitioning our teens numbers (and beyond), for example 15 = 10 + 5.  We have used bead strings and dienes to support our learning.  We have also watched Number blocks episodes 'On your Head' and 'Tens Place' which both help to illustrate this to the children.
In Science this week we started off our topic - Everyday Materials, by going on a 'Materials Hunt'. We enjoyed finding different objects around the school grounds and talked about the materials they were made from and we will move on to discussing the properties of different materials.
Our Daily Run!
Each day in class we will be going for a run!  We started this week going out for 10 minutes and seeing if we could keep running.  Some of us ran really fast then struggled, but by day 2 we were beginning to jog round and some kept going the whole time!  
The children will have a formal PE lesson on Wednesday afternoon with Mrs Turner and will need their PE kit in school on this day.
Feelings Detectives!
This week we have been exploring different emotions and how we can tell how people are feeling.  We looked at our different facial expressions, then had a go at making them using paper plates.  We painted them as well as using different materials.
We have begun our new RE topic on Creation.  The children listened to the story and then worked creatively on retelling the story.  Some used collage, some reordered photos and others drew images from the story.
Generating ideas for our Poems
This week we have been exploring different poems and went to visit the new Forest school to inspire us for our poetry writing. The children came up with some lovely adjectives to describe the various exciting sites they saw.  
We can't wait to start our Forest School sessions in the summer and are lucky to be able to visit it to help us with our writing too.
Balance skills
On Monday we had a wonderful time in our balance skills workshop. The children really impressed me with their confidence and gymnastic skills in this session.  They loved climbing different apparatus where they held a balance for 5 seconds, before jumping off the equipment and landing safely on a mat.