Ash Wednesday Liturgy

Fr Philip came to school to lead our Ash Wednesday Liturgy in the hall.
We thought about our journey through Lent.
Ash Wednesday is time to wash away those unwanted memories made by the wrong choices that we have made. We watched as a child from each class washed their hands in water.
We have each made a Lenten Promise which we will try to remember to do during Lent - maybe we are going to be more helpful - like making our beds, or be kind to our brothers or sisters. Can your child remember what they were going to try to do?
During the Liturgy we listened to prayers and sang a hymn. We were invited to have some ash put on our heads or hands - almost everyone wanted some! Fr Philip explained to us that the ash was like any 'wrong choices' we had made - we wanted to wash these away and try to be kind and helpful during Lent as we prepare for Easter.
 Loving God,
help us during Lent, to see when we are doing something that hurts others and to make changes, to become the person you know that we can be.
Fill our hearts with your love and goodness, so that we may do and say what is right. Amen.