2016/2017 Sport

Fixtures 2016 / 17

Apr 26th Girls 4-6 Tag rugby tournament, Withycombe Rugby Club

May 18th Tennis Red finals Year 3/4, Exmouth Tennis Centre

May 26th Rounders, Year 5/6, Exmouth Community College

June 16th Dartmoor 3 Ball, Year 3/4, Exmouth Community College

Jul 3rd Girls Football, Year 5/6, Exmouth Community College

Jul 7th SPORTS DAY!!

Jul 10th Girls Football, Year 5/6, Exmouth Community College

Bicton Cross Country
On Wednesday 12th October we fielded a team of 21 cross country runners for this, the first event on the school sporting calendar 2016/7. The challenging course took the children around two fields. With a large number of entrants in each actegory, the mass start itself proved difficult from the off, with some of our runners being jostled and knocked over. Every runner got up, finished the race and whilst we didn't have any winners we did have several children in the top 10 finishers and a lot of personal bests. A fantastic effort from all who took part and a greatr start to the season for Team St Joseph's!
Lympstone Tag Rugby festival

With Year 6 on residential, it fell to Class 5 to form our team for this Year 5 /6 event. Drawn in a group with Littleham, Brixington A and Lympstone A, we were certainly up against it. Our boys and girls played really well - first time they had played together, and for some the first time they'd played a full game of Tag. We finished second (only by one point too!) in our group, which menat we progressed to the Plate finals - a play off for all the second place teams.

Our last two matches proved really tough as two of our key players were injured but we kept fighting to the end and finished third. A splendid effort from all involved with the added bonus of meeting an Exeter Chiefs player and the team mascot at half time.

Bicton Go Ride cycle cross

On Thursday 20th October, a team of 8 intrepid cyclists travelled to Bicton for this gruelling annual cycle race. Each team are given a slot against one other school and the initial race is one lap to place all riders in a race against others of the same speed.

Following this quailifier, the really tough races start, with each being 8 minutes long and a battle for the top positions. All our riders worked really hard and although we don't have the official results ( 21 schools took place across morning and afternoon) yet, I can tell you we did ourselves proud- I couldn't have asked any more of them. Well done Team St Joseph's!

Year 3 & 4 Indoor Athletics
Despite freezing temperatures outside, things hotted up quickly in the Sports Hall at ECC during this Infdoor Athletics event. The children took part in a variety of timed events including speed-bounce, shuttle throw and hurdle relay before the nail biting team relays to finish. Our team of 12 children put in 100% effort, cheering each other along and demonstrating great sportsmanship. Ten teams took part from across the Learning Community. It was a close fought event and we were placed 4th overall. A fantastic result. Big well done to all those taking part and a thank you to the parents that helped to walk the children down.
Year 5 / 6 Indoor Athletics

On Friday 9th December we took a team of children to take part in this event held for the first time at the Tennis Centre. The events were similar to those taken part in by oyr Year 3 / 4 team and covered the disciplines of throwing, jumping, and running in various formats.

Unfortunately, after half an hour on site, the court was deemed too slippy to compete on, so several events were scratched from the competition. We then completed the event outside on the astros for the relay races. We were strong contenders in the relay, winning the boys race after a bad start when one of our runners fell at the first turn. However we more than made up the ground in a nail biting finish to take the race.

When overall scores were totalled, we came fifth out of 11 teams a great performance. Well done Team St Joseph's!

KS1 Invasion Games festival
On Friday 20th January, a hand picked team of Year 1 & 2 children took part in an Invasion Games festival at the Tennis Centre. We were treated to a lift there and back in Marpool's minibus, which meant we arrived fresh and ready to take part. The morning was planned and manned by Year 8 Community College students who took the children through a range of activities - throwing, running, balancing rolling and much more. The children really enjoyed themselves and all wanted to know when we could do it again!
Exeter City FC Football tournament
Thursday 26th January was bitterly cold. The wind at Exeter University Astro was unrelenting, but it didn't put off our team of Year 5 /6 boys taking part in the Exeter City FC football tournament. We hadn't played any of the teams in our group before so we didn't know what we were up against. Nevertheless we  made a good account of ourselves and at the end of the day, although we didn't manage to progress to the semi finals the boys played with great sportsmanship. A big thanks must go to parents Amanda & Tony McCann and David Briggs who helped to coach the boys in the run up to the event and on the day too. (Not forgetting the team pep talk too from Nev our Pro Caretaker!) Your support is much appreciated.
Lympstone Spring Tag Tournament
Thursday 2nd March saw a return to Lympstone for the second Tag tournament there this year. We werew drawn against Withycombe B, Bassett's and Lympstone in our group. We won our first game against Withycombe but both Bassett's and Lympstone managed to get past us to get the win each time. We finished third in our group with a respectable 8 points and gained some valuable experience along the way.
SEND festival
An exclusive team of 4 children from across the school were lucky enough to take part in this event held at ECC. A variety of sporting activities were in offer for the children to try and I have it on great authority that they all loved it! All four children came back to school with beaming smiles and certificates - always the sign of a great event!
Class 5 Ten Pin Bowling afternoon
As part of a current promotion, Ocean bowling kindly offered a free afternoon bowling session to Year 5 children. With the help of some parents, we took the children down to the Bowling Alley where they enjoyed two free games of bowling. It was great to see the children take on a new challenge and intersting to see some children who don't regard themselves as sporty, really getting stuck in. A team of 6 from the class will be heading back again in a couple of weeks for a tournament against the other schools in Exmouth.
Our exciting new wall bars!
There was much excitement this week as our long awaited new wall bars were finally installed. Classes 3,4,5&6 had a chance to get climbing, with classes 1&2 raring to go next week. This equipment has been funded by the School Sport premium and allows our PE teaching to reacj a whole new level! Here are a few photos of the bars and our other kit in action.
Year 5 Bowling competition
Wednesday 22nd March saw a team of six year 5 children take part in the Inter-schools bowling competition at Ocean Bowl. Some of our team had spent the previous weekend practicing their skills and their dedication  paid off!. We came a very respectable 4th place. Well done team St Joseph's! And a bog thank you to Mrs Turner and Mrs Bowes who accompanied the children
Year 5 / 6 Gymnastics competition
This new event involved the learning of a pre-decided floor routine and thanks to a last minute illness, we had two team members stepping in with barely a day to get up to speed. We arrived at Marpool school on Friday 24th March unsure of what we were up against, however our boys and girls held their own in both vault and floor elements coming an excellent second place overall.
In between both competitive sections of the morning was a chance to develop some partner balances and I think we might have had the most fun in the room as the photos will attest! Another great competition for Team St Joseph's.
Year 3 / 4 Tag Rugby tournament
On Monday 27th March our team of year 3 / 4's some of whom  had never played a full game of Tag rugby before, took part in this competition at ECC. We were part of the 'Plate' match schedule and very quickly found our feet winning 4 out of the 5 games we played. The team were very proud of coming second place in our group and even more proud of their silver medals! 
KS2 Total Fitness club graduate!
After a term spent working hard with Mark Smith from Total Fitness and Health, the Total fitness club members graduated just before Easter, and were presented with a total fitness T-Shirt.
The course of after-school club sessions has taught the children to be fitter, faster, stronger and Exmouth Journal featured Mark and the children complete with their T Shirts in an article that also highlighted our new wall bars.
Children from KS1 will be spending the summer term also learning to be fitter, faster, stronger too.
Girls Tag Rugby @ Withycombe Rugby Club
This event was organised by one of the teachers from Brixington school in conjunction with Withycombe Rugby Club. Designed to encourage more girls to take up the sport, they had pulled out all the stops; two Women's England International players joined us to referee, a coach from Exeter Chiefs came down to lend support and an inflatable pitch had been provided to add some novelty. Sponsors also provided free hot dogs for all the players, so it was a great event to be involved with.
Our team enjoyed several tough games of tag, but we all agreed our game was getting better as the event progressed. A fab event enjoyed by all.
Give It Your Max Tennis coaching
Great news! We are lucky enough to have Ollie from the Tennis Centre delivering coaching lessons to each class over the next few weeks. He started this week with Classes 1 and 2. This is what the children thought :
Ben : I liked keeping the ball on the tennis racket.
Ayaan: I liked the traffic light game.
Shanel: I really liked it when we had to hit the ball to each other.
Liam : I'd like to get better at keeping the ball on the tennis racket.
Alfie : I'd like to get better at serving.
Nell : I really enjoyed the last game where we were bouncing the balls.
Year 3/4 Tennis Red finals
Thursday 18th May saw the East Devon finals of Mini Tennis Red being played out at LED Tennis Centre, Exmouth. Mini tennis red is an adaptation of regular tennis but using a smaller court and sponge tennis balls.
Our team of 4 consisted of two experienced players, so we were hopeful that we'd hold our own against the other schools.
At the half way mark, Mrs McCann who accompanied the team, reported back that we'd won 5 out of our 8 games and were looking set for a place in the quarter finals.
All our players held their mettle in the final rounds and it gives me great pleasure to announce that we won, bringing home the trophy for St Joseph's and securing us a place in the Devon finals, due to be held in Plymouth later this term.
Year 6 Rounders Tournament
Friday 26th May was a real scorcher and our Rounders team were certainly up against it in the heat. We played 5 games against other schools from the Exmouth area, and whilst we weren't in the running for any medals this time, we certainly came away with lots of strategy to pass on to our classmates.
The children were a real credit to the school, behaving in a very sportsmanly manner and showing excellent teamwork; I think it's worthy of note that we demonstrated the value of taking part in all events - not just the one we can win! Well done to the team, proud of you all.
Agility Club
A couple of snaps from the first week of agility club where the children get to use our gymnastic equipment.
Dartmoor 3 Ball
On Friday 16th June, we took two teams down to Exmouth Community College for the first ever Exmouth-based Dartmoor 3 Ball tournament. Dartmoor 3 Ball is a unique striking and fielding game involving hitting 3 balls and running as a team around the designated cones to score runs. It is an exhausting yet great fun game that gets everyone involved.
The heat was punishing but the children worked really hard and our Year 3 team came 6th whilst our Year 4 team came 2nd, returning to school with a great haul of silver medals,
A big well done to all the children for all their hard work.
Devon School Games 2017
On Thursday 22nd June, our amazing Tennis Red team travelled down to Plymouth to take part in the prestigious Devon School Games. The opening ceremony took place at Plymouth Albion FC and then each sport was sent off to a different arena for their competition.
With a slight variation on rules - knockout from the first game and a different type of ball, we knew it was going to be tough. Our boys and girls played really well, making it through to the quarter finals where they were unfortunately knocked out by only 3 points (27-30). However, the day wasn't over as there were several other activities for all the competitors to have a go at. Apparently, we have some budding lacrosse players too!
A big thanks must go to Mr & Mrs McCann who both took time off to take the children to the event, and to the Mascarenhas family who also popped along to support the children.
Sports Day 2017
With glorious weather we were able to hold this year's sports day on the field in great style. The children were grouped in their colour families and had spent a morning creating flags with which to cheer each other on. The first half of the event was spent in groups completing a number of times tasks - kicking a ball, jumping, throwing or agility based tasks. These activities scored points for the team to decide on the winners of the cup. This year's successful teams were KS2 - Blue and KS1 - Green who just pipped the other teams at the post.
The second part of the event was a selection of track based events encompassing flat races, hurdles, sack and relay to name but a few. The children all played a part in the day, see if you recognise anyone in the photos below.
Week beginning 10th July : Football week!
This week started with a girls football tournament at ECC for a team of years 4,5 & 6.
Then on Tuesday we had planned to have a year 1 vs 2 football match on the field. Unfortunately, the rain stopped play, however we were lucky enough to have Professional Footballer Christy Pimm, Exeter City FC goalkeeper in school. He kindly offered to give the children an impromptu training session, followed by a team photo and signing his autograph for the boys. Many thanks to Hollie Da'Bell-Price for inviting Christy along. What a treat!
Wednesday was the year 3 vs 4 match. The first half was very evenly matched with Year 4's goal being equalised by Year 3 who also defended well. The second half though, saw Year 4 surge ahead with a flurry of goals and their extra stamina -being a year older, started to show.
Both teams played really well, showing great teamwork and sportsmanly behaviour. The final score is less important than the enjoyment the boys got from playing each other, but for anyone counting it was 8-1 to Class 4.