Great news!
Our report is in from our S48 Ofsted Inspection, June 2019
As we are a Catholic School we have the same Ofsted as all schools, which we had in October 2018 where we were judged as Good (see report above) but because we are a Catholic School we also have a full two-day S48 Ofsted inspection which inspects the school on behalf of the Diocese.
The inspection judges over four categories and our results are as follows:
Worship and Spiritual life of the School - Outstanding
The School as a Catholic Community - Good
Leadership and Management - Good
Word (RE leadership, quality of teaching and achievement) - Good
The full report is under - About Us, Ofsetd tab, as is a letter to parents containing the highlights of the report.

We are part of the Plymouth CAST Multi Academy Trust
St Francis - by St Joseph's Year 4 child
Lord, our animals are free
Where they survive and roam and just be
Everywhere they go I'll be there, 
My brothers and sisters are among me
Peace and strength they need
Altogether they work as a team
I follow you with my heart and soul which will never end
I care for all Lord because all are my brothers and sisters.

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