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Maple Class is taught by Mr Edmunds and Miss Fisher 
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Star of the week = Jeff

Jeff is our star of the week because of how much independence he has gained in achieving his goals with his work. He has a positive and energetic attitude in lessons and he is much more focused on producing worthy work. Other teachers around the school have noticed how much extra effort Jeff has put in this week. 

We have noticed you are maturing into a fantastic learner - so keep it up Jeff!

Last week's star of the week was Rafa
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This week's spellings...
Our Class Blog:
I hope you enjoy visiting and using the site. Listed below is information about what the class has been learning, challenges for the children and lots of interesting pictures and facts to look at and read! The web page is updated at least once a week, so keep revisiting for more!
This term our topic is:
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This half term we will be learning about the art of performance, looking in particular at the plays of William Shakespeare. Our history focus will centre around the time of Shakespeare - we will learn about the Tudors and their quests for power and what life was like for the people of the time. We will also research and find out about the plague that hit England in 1666, thinking about how important medicine and staying healthy is today! In English we will write poetry, plays and stories, performing them to each other and using drama to bring our writing to life! The stage is set for another exciting and interesting term of learning!
you can scroll to the bottom of this page to find our topic web for this unit of work...
Maple Class become detectives!
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On Friday, the children were given a set of clues to a crime that was committed during the Tudor and Stuart's reign. They needed to work together as detectives to solve the enquiry and work out how each clue was linked to the crime. 
Their clues ranged from 4 pairs of white gloves; gold, silver and diamonds; a hammer and file; and a red herring(!).
They all eventually worked out it was the attempted robbery of the crown jewels by Colonel Thomas Blood on 9th May 1671.
The video below explains how each clue was significant to the enquiry...
Maple Class are Script-writers!
This week maple class have completed their script-writing unit on Macbeth. They worked hard to include setting and character descriptions, spoken words and actions into their scenes. Both Miss Fisher and myself have been really pleased with how well the children have done and how much they have enjoyed reading and learning about Macbeth!
The stage is set...
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They have shown a deep understanding of personality and character's feelings in what they have discussed and written, using google docs to present their work in a properly structured format for performance.
Have a read of some of their fantastic work by clicking on the links below...
Rafa:          Image result for quill
Charlotte:  Image result for quill
Katy:         Image result for quill
Alfie:        Image result for quill
Evan:         Image result for quill
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On Friday, St Joseph's were lucky enough to have a skateboarding coach, Liam, come and join us to teach the children some basic skateboarding skills. 
I was very proud of how well the children all had a go at all the tricks he taught them. They all worked well as a team, helping to support and encourage each other throughout the session.
Check out the photos below...
This last week the children have been exploring the story of Macbeth through drama, reading and writing activities. We started by exploring the sights and sounds of the Scottish heath-land and explored the characters of the three  witches.
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We also explored what happened to Macbeth when he came face to face with these beings and the events that followed after. Through our use of conscious alley and group character development we explored Macbeth's personality and the decisions he was faced with...
You can watch the videos of the Macbeth story on the BBC website by clicking here...
Tudor Houses
In class we learnt about how houses and other buildings were constructed in Tudor times. We used this website to explore the stages of building...
We wrote our own instructions as well as designing our own timber patterns. Mr Pearcey and Mr Edmunds helped us to construct our own 3D models. We used hacksaws to cut our timber to length and both PVA and hot glue guns to piece the parts together the different parts. The results look amazing! Please come in and have a look at our Tudor street...
These are examples of Tudor timber framed houses. They were both built in Exeter during Tudor times. Can you spot all the features we discussed in class...
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Performance Poetry
This week we will kick start our learning by looking at the poetry of Michael Rosen. He is a well established children's author, you might recognise him...
Below is a selection of his work. We will be looking at these poems in class and creating our own in a similar style...
As I am sure you have realised, Michael Rosen's poems are lots of fun. We are all looking forward to exploring more of this author's crazy creations...
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William Shakespeare
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This week we started researching the life and works of William Shakespeare. We found out facts about his life; that he died on his (believed) birthday, that he was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564 and that he designed the famous Globe Theatre in London.
We also discovered that he is responsible for some famous sayings that we still use today such as: "eaten me out of house and home", "seen better days" and "wild goose chase" to name a few.
We then looked into some of his famous plays and used these to create our own posters to advertise them, some of which are up on our new topic wall.
Clink on the link below to view Louis' google slides presentation all about the famous bard himself.