Welcome to Rowan Class, 2017-2018

Rowan Class is taught by Ms. O'Sullivan and is assisted by
Miss. Lucas, Mrs Briggs, Mrs Ellis and Mrs King.
Star of the Week is  
                               Max, congratulations!
We are learning about Mary Anning the famous fossil hunter who discovered dinosaur skeletons along the Jurassic coast.  
Our parents came to join us in the classroom for our daily reading session.  It was great fun having them with us.  They behaved very well!
This week the class went on a day trip to Seaton Jurassic where we learned all about fossils and dinosaurs.  We had a really exciting day and had lots of fun. We even made our own fossils!
We have written some interesting dinosaur poems.  They look terrific on display.  Pop in a read some of them!
This week we had a visit from the Fire and Rescue Service.  The children learned about staying safe in the event of a fire. 
Some of the children got to dress up as fire fighters.  See how their outfits reflect the light keeping them safe. 
We had some special visitors to the school on Friday afternoon -  yes, from the donkey sanctuary.  We had a special assembly where we learned about the donkeys, especially understanding how a donkey feels by the way it moves its ears.  We were able to pat the donkeys who liked us as much as we liked them.