Year 3 and 4, Cherry and Willow classes have been working with a specialist gymnastic teacher this term.
Their gymnastics has improved and they have really enjoyed this extra input.
We also attended Gymnastic competition on March the 16th. 12 children from year 5 and 6, Maple and Beech class represented the school.
They performed stunning floor routines and exciting vaults plus they tried out some team balances. Check out the photos!

Sports Events for Spring 2018 provided by our School Sports Partnership (SSP)


Monday 22nd January 4 – 6pm Year 5&6 Quick Sticks Hockey Festival ECC Astros Gipsy Lane – 2 teams entered

Monday 29th January 4 – 6pm Year 3&4 Quick Sticks Hockey Festival ECC Astros Gipsy Lane – 2 teams entered


Tuesday 20th February 2 – 4 pm Year 5&6 Quick Sticks Hockey Competition ECC Astros Gipsy Lane - 1 team entered

Monday 26th February 2.30 pm – 5pm East Devon Quick Sticks Finals at Kings School– Year 5&6 – Let’s hope all goes well on the 20th Feb and we could qualify to play!!!!!


Thursday 8th March Tag Rugby Festival Year 5&6 Girls Withycombe School 4 – 6pm

Friday 9th March SEND Festival ECC Years 2-6


Friday 16th March Gymnastic Competition and Festival Marpool School, Years 3- 6 Time slot to be given during the school day.

Monday 26th March Cross Country at Bicton Arena for Year 3 - 6

4pm start, event finishes at 6pm


Quick Sticks Hockey

I am planning to teach Quick Sticks Hockey to Cherry, Willow, Maple and Beech Classes in January 2018

Quicksticks is designed to introduce young people (7 to 11 years) to the game of hockey. It is 4-a-side, can be played on any surface, and uses a larger, lighter and safer ball. It is a fun, fast, safe and exciting game.

We have purchased shin pads, enough for a whole class, but the children will need their own mouth guard. They can wear their own shin pads if they have them. We will also provide hockey sticks.

We will have some mouth guards on sale at Reception for £1 or you can purchase them from ProServe or any sports shop.

Check out the game at:

Don’t forget to pack tracksuit bottoms or under layers in your PE kit, we will be outside when possible.

Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!

Mrs Turner


Cherry and Willow classes enjoyed celebrating National School Swim Day with Jane Hushon, owner of Swim Devon at the Cranford Club.
Lots of water confidence building in an environment of fair competition.
New half term our PE lessons!
Year 3 Cherry and 4 Willow having enjoyed cricket the last half term (Strike and Fielding Game),  have now started to learn to play High 5 Netball the junior pathway to Netball. (An Invasion Game)
I was so impressed with Year 3 (Cherry Class) who by the end of the first lesson could cross with their partner, moving the ball with super catches and good footwork.
Year 5 Maple and 6 Beech have begun a series of lesson om another Invasion Game, Tag Rugby. We have a beautiful Autumn  afternoon on the field and worked on how to hold, pass and run with a Tag rugby ball.
Year 1 and 2 Sycamore and Rowan,  were in the hall exploring the fundamentals of Stability,  which we are working on as we begin to explore our gymnastics curriculum. Some super balances from both classes. 
Welcome to Physical Education at St. Joseph's!
We have had a great start to the new term. 
Years 1, 2, 5 and 6 have all enjoyed a Sherborne Developmental Movement session. (SDM).
Sherborne Movement helps you ,"feel at home", in your body and develop relationships. It's also lots of fun!
Years 3 and 4 have been working with a professional cricket coach from Devon Cricket - Sophie Whitlock. We developed our batting skills this week.
 We have moved onto bowling,  looking out for the straight arm compared to our bent throwing arm!
 Last week of cricket with Sophie Whitlock, professional cricket coach form Devon Cricket. We have improved our skills, bowling, batting, fielding and team work. . After School Cricket club have cricket teas to celebrate.
Year 5 and 6 have been developing their High 5 Netball skills. We have new netballs and post are on their way.
Year 1 and 2 have been working on throwing to a target and starting to play small games. They have enjoyed some cricket theme target practice too.
PE Kits
Please can you help your child to ensure they have their PE kit in school.
The PE lessons with me are on the following days but the children will also do PE on other days with their class teacher.
Tuesday: Cherry and Willow 
Wednesday: Maple and Beech
Thursday: Rowan and Sycamore
The best plan is to keep the PE kit in school all week. 
This can be tricky and expensive if you attend clubs outside school. I heard a good tip this week to save buying 2 pairs of trainers. It's to keep your trainers in your school bag so they can go home and come back each night and leave shorts and T shirt in your PE bag on your peg,
What is our PE kit?
  • Black shorts, a plain white T shirt and trainers. When the weather turns you can add tracksuit bottoms to the bag as we will do some PE outside.
Keep on running at Running Club on Fridays after school.
After School Clubs
Please check this page for information about the PE After School Clubs
Running Club Update
We have nearly 50 children coming to running club on a Friday night as we approach our last couple of sessions before the Christmas break.
Collectively,  our weekly laps of the school have, would mean that we've run all the way to The White Cliffs of Dover.
we have run, 433km,  but we had 2 more weeks since that calculation!
Children you are amazing. Leigh. Nora, Amanda and Liz and parents huge thankyou for helping this club to run! Mrs Turner x
Events this half term with the Exmouth Learning Community, supported by Dartmoor School Sports Partnership. (November to December)
Monday 13th November High 5 Netball Competition ECC Netball Courts Year 5&6 2- 4pm
Friday 24th November Aesthetics Festival  Key Stage 1 - morning at ECC
Friday 24th November Dance Festival Key Stage 2 - afternoon ECC
Friday 1st December Primary Inclusion Festival 9.30 - 12 noon Kings School
Key Stage 1 Aesthetics Festival - the gymnastics element 
Aesthetics Key stage 1 - Yoga element
Key Stage 1 Aesthetics - The dance Element
New for this term - Yoga on Thursdays 3.30pm to 4.45pm
This is a new club held at AYE’s Shala, 5 minutes walk from school. We will explore yoga postures, developing flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness in a calm purpose built space. Please indicate if this would be something your child would benefit from in order to help me allocate places. If it is oversubscribed we will look at more provision or running further courses.
The club will run on the following dates: 9th. 16th, 23rd,30th November and the 8th December
New for this term - High 5 Netball Club - on Wednesdays after school 3.30 - 4.30 pm 

Please meet in the hall to change, when your teacher has released you. I would recommend track suit bottoms and a top as we will be outside if it is not raining.

Check out for some great High 5 Netball tips!

Cross country at Bicton on Tuesday 10th October 
4pm - 6pm
Please note that this event is taking place at Bicton Arena NOT Bicton College as in previous years.
The Link is below
 Well done to the 25 children who competed in this event it was a very challenging course!
We had some outstanding results:
1st in Year 3&4 Boys race
9th in Year 3&4 Girls race
2nd in Year 5&6 Boys race
2nd and 10th in Year 5&6 Girls race
Year 5&6 High 5 Netball Festival 
Super squad of 7
Events this half term with the Exmouth Learning Community, supported by Dartmoor School Sports Partnership (September to October)
Friday 29th September 9.30 - 12.00 EEC  Tennis Centre - Sports Hall Athletics Year 5&6 - A team of 12 have been invited to attend. Fantastic team spirit at this event. So proud of this team!
Monday 2nd October 4 - 5.30pm ECC Sports Hall -  Hi 5 Netball Festival  - A team of 7 have been invited to attend. Great team work at this event. many very keen to compete at the next event.
Tuesday 10th October 4 - 6pm Bicton-  Cross Country Competition - letters given out at Running club on Friday but all welcome. Ask Mrs Turner for a form to complete to enter. If you want to run you can!
And we did run- wow see the results above!!!!!
Monday 16th October 4 -5.30 pm  ECC - High 5 Netball Festival Year 3 &4 - 2 teams were selected but the event was cancelled due to the weather it will be rearranged.
Thursday 19th October 9.30 to 3pm Year 5&6 -  E D GO Ride Cycling Competition - talk to Mrs Turner if you are interested. Sadly we can't attend as Year 6 are on a residential and Year 5 have an event planned on this date. Next year for this one! 
Year 5&6 Sports Hall Athletics 
Fantastic effort from our team of 12