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Star of the week = Hannah

Hannah is our star of the week this week. She is always engaged in lessons and puts in a tremendous amount of effort to all she does. Hannah has made great progress and now loves maths! She is always kind and friendly and looks after others very well. 

Hannah has tried especially hard this week and has been very successful. She has been working hard to learn her tables and inverse these to solve division and did really well in our recent PIRA tests. She has enjoyed writing a story about Lake Naivasha, including lots of fantastic description!

Well done Hannah!


Last week's star of the week was Cameron
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I hope you enjoy visiting and using the site. Listed below is information about what the class has been learning, challenges for the children and lots of interesting pictures and facts to look at and read! The web page is updated at least once a week, so keep revisiting for more!
Our topic this half term is...
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Survival in the Jungle
This week in topic Miss Fisher showed us this video of an uncontacted tribe deep in the Amazon Rainforest. We then explored the many ways they survive in the jungle without technology!
Lost Forever...
This week in class we have been investigating how what we eat effects the natural environment. We explored where our food comes from by looking at some different labels of fruit and veg. We then used atlases to locate these countries of origin and discovered just how far the food we eat travels...
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We noticed that some fruit and veg had a identification number on them you could use to find the farm they came from. We wanted to find more farms that grew products for us and check where they were, searching for signs of deforestation...
The picture below shows a Palm Oil Plantation we located using Google Earth... You can clearly see evidence of deforestation...
If we are not careful, our precious and crucial rainforests will be LOST! forever!
Click the picture below to be taken to the google Earth site...
You could use Google Earth to search for...
  • Lake Naivasha - Rose Greenhouses
  • A Banana Plantation - Search for any evidence of deforestation
  • Lake Donana - Strawberries are grown very close by
  • A Palm Oil Plantation - In many UK food and cosmetic products
We went on to explore the process that gets our food to our fork, watching videos of how bananas get to our plates and thinking back to our learning at the fair trade conference last week...
Snow Day!
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Waking up this morning, we were all surprised to learn that St Joseph's had been closed due to severe weather warnings.
I hope that all Maple class have been using their skills from the autumn term to read and decipher all the interesting weather charts in the news! You can continue to track the weather on windy.com and www.metoffice.gov.uk/. It is interesting to see that the wind is blowing in from a different direction to what it does normally; we can thank Russia for our extra day off!
Here are some pictures of what the school playground looked like today...
Our parents join us for science...
and we get creative with plants!
During this half term's parent activity session, the children investigated the plants of the rainforest and how they are adapted to their environment. We looked at just how different plants can be and created our own models of these amazing organisms! 
We were set a challenge by Ivor Shovel of the Eden Project to create a display to promote how fascinating plants can be. Next week we will develop our understanding through more research, watching and discussing some Attenborough clips and our own observations. We hope to create a website explaining the wonders of the jungle!
Can you spot the special adaptations of the plants below...
The Great Kapok Tree
Our next key text in English will be an adaptation of "The Great Kapok Tree" by Lynne Cherry. You can click on the image below to read our version of this beguiling story.
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